Who We Are

Leaders of Industry

At SKY for Trading & Contracting, we are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction. We are always striving to provide exceptional general contracting, pre-construction, and fully-integrated engineering services to our clients.

Our story

Building trust is our key to building exceptional projects

A word from our founder:

SKY was never just a Trading and Contracting Business, It's something much bigger, it is a family, with a strong philosophy that is ingrained in our team from the day we started in the year 2000. This management methodology remains to guide us today in the way we make deals, create fruitful business relationships, and ultimately, it's an idea that will continue to define the future. These philosophies are what got us here, and will get us there.

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We want to be a part of your success

Our goal is to exceed our clients’ expectations with
sustainable, cost-effective services of
the highest level of quality, and to be
recognized as a Contractor of choice in
the mechanical Building Services Sector in
the region and beyond



Building the future of building.

To emerge as a regional market leader
in the provision of civil engineering and
building, and to lead the future of our
industry through originating innovative,
sustainable solutions



Faith that is rooted in reliability

We believe in maintaining the highest
standards of professionalism, integrity,
client satisfaction, world-class quality,
and innovation that meet and surpass
expectations while offering prompt,
reliable, and sustainable solutions that
stand the test of time.

Through these pillars mere statements, we've successfully delivered fully-integrated engineering services across all of Egypt for over 1000 clients. We aim to constantly develop our role as an industry leader with a commitment to quality, health, safety and the environment


World-Class Quality that Exceeds Expectations

Our vast experience & advanced quality management system enable us to strive for the best engineering solutions possible and deliver our clients' projects on time with supreme quality, saving them time, costs, and effort.

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